What Are the Facilities Offered by International Schools?

What Are the Facilities Offered by International Schools?

There is a list of reasons for you choosing international schools, it’s because of their wide range of facilities and a big name to show off their application for universities around the world. Facilities offer by some of the best international schools in Dubai are as follows.


Diversity is the most amazing part of international schooling. Parents feel comfortable when they see their ethnicity in schools. It will be an inspiration for the child to see his fellow ethnic students doing their best which creates a healthy competition. International schools have different sets of most common languages; however, the lectures are in English but their mother tongue is appreciated by the school board.


They have the English National Curriculum, IB Diploma, and Innovative Educational Philosophy which are essential for the growth of the student. The curriculum is designed to offer the best possible course outline in the world. It comprises of level form British primary to Secondary.

Student-Teacher Ratio

The teacher to student ratio is good, the ratio is usually 7:1 where 7 is the number of students and teachers. In primary or secondary classes the number of students increases to 12:1 ratio. However, the quality of the teachers is never compromised.

A Student’s Dream

British Primary schools in Dubai have all the facilities much-needed for a primary level student to know and build the foundation of curiosity towards science and fitness. They offer a large fully equipped science lab with a lot of cool activities, more than one library with addition to a multimedia library, indoor swimming pool, and EYFS dedicated playground.

Wide Range of Professional Staff

British schools have over 84+ countries students learning at the same time. Apparently, with such large numbers of students a professional and up to the tsk faculty is introduced. British international schools have more than 5 teacher staff present any time to take the charge when is necessary.