Facts about teamwork

Facts about teamwork
Facts about teamwork

Companies are competing everyday against competitors. Every other day they are making different Strategies and work plans to succeed in the market. But this is not the work of a single employee. The company can succeed only if all the employees work together and show teamwork. When brilliant Minds with ambition sit together, they come up with the plan that is creative and productive. They can solve a number of problems together.

But interestingly, teamwork is always not the right option. It can have both positive as well as negative impacts on your business. Here are some facts about team building activities in Dubai conducted by the best event management company in Dubai:

  • Teamwork is the key to productivity but it does not mean that one should keep increasing the team in number. This will only increase the hurdles in communication. For the best creative and productive work and ideas the size of the team should be around 4 to 6. A small team can work more efficiently and take decisions rapidly.
  • The members of the team should be diverse. Different ways of thinking make the team more unpredictable. So, the chemistry should be good but different and the results will be effective.
  • Team member should be comfortable around each other and should get along with one another. When a person works with the team that he loves, a chemical is released in the brain that is called Oxytocin which is a happy hormone.
  • another important factor that makes the team more efficient is that there should be no leaders in the team. Having a leader means that there is no equality in the team. As long as all the members are working with equality for a common goal then they will be more productive.
  • The size of the team should be Limited. The team should be diverse and creative they should be able to communicate with one another. Smart team is better than 1 brilliant mind. Also, the team will be able to act smart only if the members of the team are limited because big teams cause Chaos and bureaucracy.
  • If the team is diverse then one should be ready that there can be conflicts too. Team members must respect others different approach of tackling the work.
  • Another interesting approach for increasing the efficiency of a team is that mixed age members should be selected. The younger teammates are full of energy whereas the older age of members have experience. When they work together, they outperform others.