Zik-Box #7 – Bad Brains

Today, the Zik-Box #7 will keep searching the past… A more recent past than last week’s Zik-Box though…

And today, I just want to listen to some hardcore punk… No problem, the Bad Brains are available… In the mid 70’s, the Washington DC based Bad Brains started their musical journey as a jazz fusion trip (by that time they were named Mind Power) before they quickly moved  to their Punk & Reggae formula… From there, they kept switching between the  Reggae tranquility and the hardcore Punk aggressivity… As a matter of fact, they had a deep influence on many  so-called fusion bands of the late 80’s / early 90’s…

Here are two tracks from the Rock For Light legendary album, recorded with the original line-up of the band… Banned in DC and  Attitude… Two tracks because they are quite short…

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