Zik-Box #14 – Tricky

It’s so good to be online again, after being off for a few weeks… I still have to find an equilibrium between articles that will be posted here and those that should go on the Grattonaute. But this should be done naturally. Well, the migration from the former platform to this new one left some damages on the links in the ancient articles. So, I’ll still have some adjustments to do… But it’s friday so let’s relax a little bit… It’s Zik-Box tiiiiime…

There ain’t no mystery about it, I love music when it is about blending various genres… That’s why it’s not surprising that Tricky finds a natural place in the MuZicoSphere Zik-Box. The West Knowle Boy is mastering this art of blending. The trick (haha) now is to find a track that could be representative of his music which is merely impossible! So, I picked up a track from the Blowback album that could be described as an easy listening album coming from Tricky. Who cares? I love this album… So, why this song Girls? I picked it up because of the Anthony Kiedis featuring… Here is the kind of music the Red Hot Chili Peppers should play!! They used to be leaders in the fusion circus once…

Tricky – Girls

Edit: It seems that Deezer has limited the use of the player… So there is just 20″ of music in it!! And there is no further information from Deezer about this limitation… So, I’ll see this later and I’m sorry!!


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