No Music On Youtube Germany?

And now it’s Youtube Germany that decided to remove all music videos from the majors because of the exact same reasons than Youtube UK did. It’s just like a disease spreading through Europe…

Many artists complain, jointly to their record labels, because of Youtube refusing to pay more for broadcasting their videos (and I guess they might be in their own right). But at least, some musicians are willing to use this extraordinary hub to promote their music… But how can they do that? By getting close to their fans, increasing their fan base and eventually having more and more people coming to the shows. That’s it! They focus on stage which is the purpose of musicians… The CD was just a promotionnal tool just as Youtube has become one (as well as many other services).

That’s the case of Joe Bonamassa (I dedicate this to my friends of the Grattonaute who are fans of the guy), and here is what he said when invited to a radio performance:

All this digital stuff, now, it’s actually really helped my audience, you know. We were playing little blues bars, and with the advent of YouTube all these college kids started coming out, because they’d check you out online, and instead of a hundred fans, there’d be thousands, and it’s great! How can you complain about YouTube? It’s a really good thing.

Here is a video of this radio show… These clever words occur at 2’45 and then he plays an acoustic tune…


Well, I hope that the next move won’t be to stop producing CDs because whatever I might think, say or write, I still love to buy and own these…

Spotted this news on techdirt

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