You Rock Guitar: Gamers to the Next Level of Actual Guitar?

I really am into a geek week mood… Here is another news related to gamers this time. I was reading the following article in USA Today about Fender aiming to turn virtual guitarists into actual guitar playing. I found it interesting because Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are such hits than it is actually a reservoir of potential future guitarists. So, I totally agree with Fender’s aim to have a move toward the gamers population, and not just from an economy point of view. Though video gaming and practicing music are 2 totally different activities, I still think that practicing an instrument should be considered as way more entertaining than music video games. That’s just my view on that matter…

Yet, I don’t think that the current products such as the G-Dec amplifier or the Fender/Eric Clapton edition of the Google Android MyTouch phone are the best way to achieve their goal. Let’s face it… As fun and educative as it is, the G-Dec is just another amplifier. Maybe it is the best practice/home studio amplifier to date, but it is just a plain amplifier that requires an actual guitar. But the video games are sold with a controller shaped as a guitar. So all they can hope, is that a certain percentage of gamers will be so hooked up on feeling like guitarists that they will make the transition toward actual guitar playing. Indeed, providing them a controller shaped as a Fender (or any other guitar brand) will probably get some of them to buy a Fender guitar. But that’s only true if they choose to play guitar instead of a guitar game. Let’s have a quick and useless word about the google phone limited edition which is a just another marketing/advertising traditional strategy that will probably be efficient in a certain way, and at a certain level.

As I was reading the article, I’ve started to wonder how guitar brands could leverage the musical video games, and actually ease (or even encourage) the transition from gaming to guitar playing. I’ve started to mentally spell the hybrid controller concept word while my eyes kept on reading the article… I’m not going to start a revolution today!! Some clever dudes from Inspired Instruments are about to release such a hybrid game controller. You Rock Guitar is a digital guitar that can be used either as a game controller for Guitar Hero / Rock Band or as an actual guitar. It has strings, a fret board, and it is loaded with preset guitar and synth sounds, sampled real guitars, and alternate tuning settings.

Check the video about the You Rock Guitar


Great idea I think, and probably the best one to turn gamers into actual guitar players. The price announced is $179.99.

Check the You Rock Guitar website for more information.

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