WTF ? The Silliest Guitar Method Ever !!

I don’t use to just copy press releases but this one is literally shocking !! Now this is the silliest product ever made in the field of pedagogy, and guitar teaching !! Thank you Riffer Corp for being so stupid !

Riffer Corp to Launch the Next Revolutionary Guitar Teaching Method : The ViagrAxe !

You have spent a lot of time in order to improve your guitar skills. You have spent hours sweating blood, rubbing the neck to extrude the best creative juice !! And let’s not talk about the time you have spent in guitar lessons, and reading methods, and watching tons of videos on Youtube !! And all this for a ridiculous result: you are not improving fast enough !

Luckily, our company Riffer Corp is here to help you live a better guitarist’s life! Today we are happy to announce the release of Riffer Corp flagship product. More than a product, this is a revolution : The ViagrAxe !! Don’t wait, and just get your dose of Viagra for the lead guitarist on the ViagrAxe website. Do it before your rhythm guitarist does !

Results are guaranteed within 2 weeks of treatment. Want to know the visible effects of the ViagrAxe?

  • The ViagrAxe improves your stamina !!
  • The ViagrAxe can enlarge your fingers by 50% !!
  • The ViagrAxe naturally lubricates the guitar strings !!
  • The ViagrAxe will allow you to reach every single G spot of the guitar ! Effortless !!

To make your riffs more penetrating! To transform your solos into multis! There is only one solution : The ViagrAxe !

Our product was secretly developped for 10 years. The ViagrAxe is a 100% natural. The ViagrAxe active principle is the Slidenariffium but it also contains Satrianine, and Vailatine extracts as well as Hendrixylic acid, plus traces of Pentatoquinine, and Myxolidiactose.

The package contains 4 tabs of ViagrAxe. The ViagrAxe will soon be available in every serious guitar shops around the world. Retail price is $69.69 sex incl. Don’t wait, and just get your dose of ViagrAxe on the ViagrAxe website. Do it before your rhythm guitarist does !

Please respect the daily dose:

  • ViagrAxe has to be taken by 2, but 3 is good too!
  • ViagrAxe has to be taken orally. We disclaim any responsibility for any other ingestion method whether it is by a natural way or not!
  • ViagrAxe can increase the sensitivity of fingers tips, and abnormally increase your speed. This condition is known as Shredomanosis. Though Shredomanosis is not a lethal condition, we still recommend you to consult a specialist! Long term consequences of Shredomanosis include fast degradation of the guitarists gear, and permanent GAS condition.

Our company, Riffer Corp disclaim any responsibilities in case of addiction, and in case of permanent GAS condition. If you suffer such GAS condition please consult the best remedy against G.A.S. condition !

What the Fuck !!


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  1. Nice April Fool’s prank 😉

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