Wishnevsky Loves Ugly Wood.

Just like ugly people, ugly wood gets to make music too. I love that kind of philosophy… Who said a piece of wood has to be nice to be able to produce sounds, and even nice sounds, or melodic ones?  I once saw that sentence on an ebay auction of a not so weird instrument, a wishenborne which is the personal version of a Weissenborn made by the astonishing and experimental luthier Wishnevsky.

His basic work rules are:

  • Locally harvested woods.
  • Total lack of ornament.
  • Simple construction.
  • Nature isn’t about symmetry, so, why the hell instruments should be symmetrical.

With these few rules, Wishnevsky builds affordable stringed instruments like this wishenborne, guitars, basses, upright basses, mandolins, and even some hybrids such as harp basses or harp guitars. Obviously, I think you shouldn’t expect to have the best instrument in the world, but at least it should be functional. Moreover, maybe you’ll be creative and will do some finish yourself, so that your instrument will be totally unique. One tricky point though, he doesn’t use truss rods in his guitars and basses necks. So, you might wonder how he manage to stabilize the neck and avoids some bad impacts over time.

Here are a few pics of his instruments from his website (clic on a picture to get the full size)

wishenborne 11string bozic

black-bass jazzer-1 guitar-1

purafemediumI won’t surprise you if I tell you that I have my eye on a wishenborne because original weissenborns are so expensive. In one hand, because of the cheap cost offer made by Wishnevsky. In the other hand, Pura Fe can’t be wrong playing a wishenborne, so why the hell would I be? As soon as I can, I’ll get my hand on one of these.

Wishnevsky website: www.wishnevsky.com

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I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.

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  1. Et surtout un débat sans fin… 🙂 Je crois que ce qui est le plus gênant, ce n’est pas d’associer bel instrument et belle sonorité, mais plutôt d’exclure un instrument sur la base de son esthétique ou de son procédé de fabrication ou, pire, du sigle sur la tête…
    Maintenant c’est vrai que je suis curieux de ces instruments de chez Wishnevsky parce que son procédé m’interpelle quelquepart, et qu’au fond j’aime beaucoup les iconoclastes… Et lui manifestement c’en est un beau! Mais c’est vrai que l’absence de truss rod, sans plus de précision sur le renforcement du manche, ça laisse subsister un petit doute! Surtout sur la question de la tenue dans le temps. Pareil pour son wishenborne sachant que la tension des cordes est un problème encore plus crucial, pour peu que tu changes souvent d’accordage (plus côté table/chevalet dans ce cas).

    Précision tout de même, je ne crois pas que Pura Fe possède d’autre instrument de chez Wishnevsky que ce wishenborne (avec une finition custom sympa d’ailleurs), et en fait dans la plupart des vidéos que j’ai vu d’elle, elle joue le plus souvent sur des folks même en jeu à plat ou un lapsteel acoustique à 2 manches.

    Avec plaisir le 1/2 voire un 3/4 ou un plein… Quand tu veux man!! On est voisin après tout! 🙂

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