Win a William’son Dead Line Guitar

The William’son Dead Line is a Les Paul like guitar with a mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. It has gold hardware with Wilkinson tuners, 2 humbuckers pickups controlled by 2 volumes, 2 tones and a 3 way switch.

I’ve tested the guitar with the M8 amplifier (you can also enter to win the M8) and the tonelab for the part of the video played over a backing track. You will see that I’m not even that close to be a heavy metal guitarist… So I’ve played what came under my fingers. It is a quick overview of the guitar as if I was at the guitar store trying for one. Basically I played a couple of riffs, some clean arpeggios… Everything is in drop D ’cause the axe calls for drop D tuning.


I liked:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Slim neck profile.
  • Good tuning stability
  • Despite its look, it is a versatile guitar so you don’t have to be extreme to play it.
  • Though I am not a fan of the graphic design, I have to admit that the finish is very good, and against all odds it is not that flashy.

I did not like:

  • The electronic is not perfect (I think it has something to do with the wiring). When the volume knobs are turned down to zero, you can clearly hear a continuous hum.
  • The skull finish has a strange psychological effect… Though you can play some funky licks, or even some blues with this guitar, well you can’t help it: once you grab the guitar all you wanna do is play heavy! Ok… This is not necessarily a negative point!
  • It requires to change the strings because it comes with light gauge strings! As you can see, my hands and fingers are quite massive… I don’t like light strings!

The William’son Dead Line is a good rocking guitar. However, you have to be sure that such a design suits you. It definitely doesn’t suit me at all… But I’m sure it will perfectly match with you!

William'son Dead Line

How To Win The William’son Dead Line?

To enter the giveaway, it is quite easy:

Leave a comment in the comments section below, and tell me why do you think you should get the William’son Dead Line guitar? Be fun, be creative or be serious… But leave a comment!

To improve your chances to win:

Submit a video demo of your musical gear that I will publish on Muzicosphere: any instrument, effects, amps… As long as it is made to play music! You have 2 possible ways to submit:

* The regular visitors will notice that I am experimenting.

A few rules for the game:

  • The game is worldwide.
  • Shipping cost will be paid by Muzicosphere and
  • However, any import tax or custom duty specific to your country will be your responsibility.
  • The game starts now and will end by March 10, 2010 at midnight (Paris time).
  • The winner will be picked the week after, and will be informed by e-mail.

** As there are 4 prizes, you are welcome to enter for the other 3 prizes to win.

The William’son Dead Line retails at €399. Further details on

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  1. I should win this guitar because I like guitars and uh… I like spooky skulls and my favorite color is blue! Oh, and did I mention that I realy like guitars?

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