Win a Custom Pickguard for Bass by Didier Guyot-Viviane

Yesterday I’ve published a post about Custom Made Visual Pickguards made by French craftman Didier Guyot-Viviane. As I am a supporter of enthusiasts professionals like him, I wanted to contribute to highlight his work. We both agreed to launch a giveaway, and allow one of you to win a custom pickguard for bass made to your specifications.

The winner will be allowed to choose:

  • A pickguard model: Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, or any other kind of bass…
  • A visual to be imprinted on this custom pickguard: either one of your graphic creations or Didier’s graphic creation made to your specifications and expectations.

It could be a nice way to customize your bass without altering it. If you’re not a bassist, it could be a nice present for a bassist you know, or a bandmate for example… Some extreme bass geeks might even use one as a decorative object, why not?


How to win a custom pickguard for bass?

It is fairly simple. All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below to get a chance to win. Tell us what kind of visual you’ll have if you win, if you are not inspired yet just leave any comment, and that will be ok.

You want to improve your chances to win?

Any of the following action will be counted as an additional entry to the Giveaway.

  • Follow Muzicosphere on twitter, and tweet the following message: Win a custom made pickguard for bass on (via @Sarssipius) #pimpmybass
  • Join the Muzicosphere Facebook Page and leave the following message on Muzicosphere’s wall: I want to customize my bass with a pickguard made by Didier Guyot-Viviane to win on
  • Write post on your blog about this Giveaway and make sure to link this post (contact me to send your blog post URL). A blog post will count for 2 additional entries.

You still want to improve your chances?

Well, I don’t forget my goal here, and if you upload a video review of your musical instrument that will be counted as 5 entries to the giveaway. To submit a video demo of your musical instrument, fill-in the submission form.

Well, if I am correct you will have up to ten possible entries to the giveaway… So take your chance!

  • The Giveaway starts right now.
  • You can enter until December 31.
  • No country restriction.
  • The winner will be picked during the first week of January.

Follow the link if you want to enter the Custom Pickguard for Guitar giveaway.

Don’t forget to check Didier Guyot-Viviane’s website to see more of his creations:

Good luck folks…

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. I always thought a steampunk/clockwork pickguard would be cool… I imagined some of the gears being steel/aluminum look and some copper/brass with intricate detail.

    Or… a pickguard made from camphor burl, or that looks like camphor burl.

    Or… a sutured leather look might be cool (think Leatherface).

    Ooh, rusted and torn metal would be cool too! Especially if the guard itself was reshaped to look less like a picguard and more like an old piece of metal screwed to the guitar… maybe with a little extra rust around the screw holes too.

  2. Salut,

  3. dis donc il est pas chien l’didier!

  4. salut

    I want win

  5. Wouaw ! Voilà une super idée qu’elle est géniale !
    Des idées ? Mmmmh j’en ai bien une, mais je serais curieux de voir les idées de Didier par rapport à ces directives :
    Voici ma basse :
    J’aime beaucoup l’aspect bois naturel.
    Donc, je me verrais bien remplacer le pickguard d’origine bêtement noir par un beau truc qui mettrait en valeur la chaleur du bois.
    J’ai vu un jour une atk305 avec un pickguard en plexi, elle était magnifique.
    Je suis très curieux de voir quelles seraient les inspirations de Didier sur ce thème 🙂 (j’ai un peu peur que le plexi ne cache l’électronique, donc le plexi, bof bof, par contre, un truc imitation bois, ou bien très “nature” (feuilles, branches), miam miam.

  6. Playing in a blues-rock band,a personalised and fitting exterior of our instruments is necessary. Now, our boots are the most explicit outings of our ‘living the blues’ !
    Your pickguard will fix me and my Jazz bass up real good.
    Thanx for the opportunity.


  7. Salut!

    J’verrais bien une illustration de Jimi Hendrix dans des teintes allant avec le sunburst sur ma petit JB!

    A plus et bonne année!

  8. Bonjour,

    Je m’inscris a la tombola 😉

    bonne chance a tous,

  9. Cooool.


  10. I would very much like to win this bass pickguard. I attend a weekly blues jam and would show it off to all the local musicians. Thank you for your time.

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