Win a Beta Aivin U-600S Pedalboard with 6 Guitar Effects

The U-600S pedalboard contains 6 Beta Aivin effects pedals: Digital Reverb (RV-100), Digital Delay (DD-2), Overdrive (OD-100), Acoustic Simulator (AC-100), Phaser (PH-100), Multi-effects (ME-100). The pedals are enclosed within the U-600S pedalboard which is a case with built-in speaker and power supply. To try the pedalboard, I used the Ibanez AX-125 plugged in the clean channel of my Hugues & Kettner Edition Silver. In the videos I only tried the effects one by one. I could have made more videos to check all the possibilities, but I tried to keep it short to make an overview of the different pedals. For each pedal I played a riff or arpeggios with different settings.

Presentation of the Pedalboard U-600S Part 1


Presentation of the Pedalboard U-600S Part 2


I liked

  • The power supplied pedalboard.
  • The pedals metal cases are strong
  • The multi-effects pedal has many settings possibilities. For example you can use it as 1/ use it as an equalizer, or 2/ add delay or reverb, to each effect of the ME-100 (chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, pitch, A. wah, T. wah and tremolo).
  • The Acoustic Simulator is quite good, and I still didn’t check all the settings.
  • The Digital Delay est good if you look for a short time delay effect (2 modes: 400 and 800 ms).

I did not like

  • The A-wah and T-wah effects of the ME-100 are rather strange to use! I’ll stick with the classic wah effect, I like the feel of an expression pedal under my foot.
  • The overdrive might be the weakest effect of all 6. Let me explain. Up to 12 o’clock on the gain knob, I think the OD provides a tone how I expect it to be. But if you push the gain further, it is more like a distorsion with a loss of definition. Some might like it though.
  • Though there is plenty of space for the pedals, these are made to fit one format (Boss and Boss clones pedals) so if you want to add another type of pedal you might lack some flexibility. But don’t complain, 6 pedals are good enough to keep you busy a couple of months.

The U-600S is a good solution to transport your effects pedals at rehearsals and gigs. The boutique effects fans won’t fancy that much… But I think that the beginners will be pleased with this fully functional pedalboard. If you have questions about the effects, contact me and I will edit the post to answer.


How To Win The Beta Aivin U-600S Pedalboard?

To enter the giveaway, it is quite easy:

Leave a comment in the comments section below, and tell me why do you think you should get this U-600S Beta Aivin Pedalboard? Be fun, be creative or be serious… But leave a comment!

To improve your chances to win:

Submit a video demo of your musical gear that I will publish on Muzicosphere: any instrument, effects, amps… As long as it is made to play music! You have 2 possible ways to submit:

* The regular visitors will notice that I am experimenting.

A few rules for the game:

  • The game is worldwide.
  • Shipping cost will be paid by Muzicosphere and
  • However, any import tax or custom duty specific to your country will be your responsibility.
  • The game starts now and will end by March 10, 2010 at midnight (Paris time).
  • The winner will be picked the week after, and will be informed by e-mail.

** As there are 4 prizes, you are welcome to enter for the other 3 prizes to win.

The U-600S and 6 effects pedals have a value of €396.Further details on

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