Win a Beta Aivin M8 Guitar Amplifier

The M8 amplifier is more or less the BM6 big brother 20 Watts amp. My neighbors heard it, and they hated me for the noise that day! Sorry neighbors…

I used my Ibanez AX-125, the William’son Dead Line, and the ES-335 like Marathon (once again the funny swingy version of a Hendrix riff).


As it is the BM6 big brother, I happened to like and dislike the same features (you can check the post about the Beta Aivin BM6 Mini Amp). However, the M8 has a lot more room that is helped by the hole behind the speaker (it is not really an open-back). As for the lead channel, the gain knob can be pushed further than the BM6 gain, and the sound is still well defined. The 4-band equalizer is rather efficient.

I have been surprised by its roomy tone, and the sound shaping possibilities of this amp (the video doesn’t show it all, I tried to be concise). Once again it is a very good affordable amp for beginners.

Amp Beta Aivin M8 top

How To Win The Beta Aivin M8 Amp?

To enter the giveaway, it is quite easy:

Leave a comment in the comments section below, and tell me why do you think you should get this Beta Aivin M8 amplifier? Be fun, be creative or be serious… But leave a comment!

To improve your chances to win:

Submit a video demo of your musical gear that I will publish on Muzicosphere: any instrument, effects, amps… As long as it is made to play music! You have 2 possible ways to submit:

* The regular visitors will notice that I am experimenting.

A few rules for the game:

  • The game is worldwide.
  • Shipping cost will be paid by Muzicosphere and
  • However, any import tax or custom duty specific to your country will be your responsibility.
  • The game starts now and will end by March 10, 2010 at midnight (Paris time).
  • The winner will be picked the week after, and will be informed by e-mail.

** As there are 4 prizes, you are welcome to enter for the other 3 prizes to win.

The M8 amp retails at € 89. Further details on

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. Salut, une bonne raison est que j’ai participé au concours pour son petit frère et que si je ne le remporte pas, ben cette occasion est bonne ^^

  2. This looks like a fantastic little practice amp that would go well in my new little backyard studio. Great for my students when they come around for lessons.

  3. My amp sucks and is hindering my ability to pummel the neighbors with vicious (maybe even viscous) death metal riffage. Perhaps this litle gem is the cure?

  4. This amp would be awesome for practice! Count me in.

  5. Mon ampli d’appart a cramé et que je n’ai plus d’ampli à la maison. obligé de jouer débranché c’est pas très rock n roll !! quelque soit le vainqueur, bravo pour ce concours

  6. I’m still playing through my old effect pedal…..Having an amp would be great !!!

  7. Sympa comme haut-parleur, mais y’en manque un deuxième, non? J’espère que c’est compatible avec mon Ipod Touch.

    Attendez, quoi?

  8. I should win this giveaway because it seems as if I am a good person and that some people might like me. Maybe.

  9. Michael Brown

    you really should give this amp to me. no, really. “why should I?” you ask. well I really can’t blame rightous living, I’m really only just a beginner, I’m 52 and just started playing, if that’s what you call it. I really need to give my neighboor someting else to hate me for, i think he forgot he hates me and started talking to me again…i really need to stop that and this would help me down that road. and I’m amp poor, i only have none. My guitar instructor keeps trying to push the store’s “house amp” at me, i’m holding out for something else, i just don’t know what iti is yet…this could be it…it could happen i guess

  10. S’il est mieux que le BM6, alors autant prendre celui là !

  11. Gergő Kiss Leskó

    It seems that M8 needs me and my Variax to help him playing… we can help him make the neighbours crazy, the friends envy and me proud to have him…it could be a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  12. Mandarine Man

    Ca décoiffe, toutes ces mises amplis!

  13. gildas le fur

    Forcément vu que c’est moi qui vais gagner l guitare et les effets ils me faudra bien un ampli pour jouer et faire du bruit.

    Non c’est surtout parce que j’ai un ego démesuré

    je le veux
    je le veux
    je le veux

    OUAIIIII vive les guitares

    vive les guitares
    vive les guitares

    I rock the world

  14. Il me le faut perce qu’au 1er concours, je n’ai pas gagné la guitare, mais du coup ça m’a donné envie d’avoir une guitare électrique. Mais comme j’avais dépensé des sous pour la guitare électrique, j’ai dû me “contenter” d’un Micro Cube de chez Roland. Alors du coup, je peux faire moins de bruit que prévu….

    Avec cet ampli là, j’ai cru comprendre qu’on pouvait faire plus de bruits qu’avec un mini-ampli, c’est bien ça ? Donc il me le faut….

  15. I adore with playing guitar but I have no possibility to buy good amp that’s why I’m DREAMING about it!!!

  16. Hmmmmm_- Oui ! Oui ! Pour une fois tout le monde pourrait en avoir une… Je suis sur que tu meurt d’envie de l’offrir à tous..

  17. Randy Saunders

    I hope to win the beautiful guitar, hence i would need this perfect match amp. Please help a child of the sixties make this one dream come true.

  18. Nos amplis sont vieillots donc il serait accueilli les bras ouverts

  19. j’ai 5 enfants
    donc pas beaucoup de place
    donc il est idéal !

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