Win a Beta Aivin M8 Guitar Amplifier

The M8 amplifier is more or less the BM6 big brother 20 Watts amp. My neighbors heard it, and they hated me for the noise that day! Sorry neighbors…

I used my Ibanez AX-125, the William’son Dead Line, and the ES-335 like Marathon (once again the funny swingy version of a Hendrix riff).


As it is the BM6 big brother, I happened to like and dislike the same features (you can check the post about the Beta Aivin BM6 Mini Amp). However, the M8 has a lot more room that is helped by the hole behind the speaker (it is not really an open-back). As for the lead channel, the gain knob can be pushed further than the BM6 gain, and the sound is still well defined. The 4-band equalizer is rather efficient.

I have been surprised by its roomy tone, and the sound shaping possibilities of this amp (the video doesn’t show it all, I tried to be concise). Once again it is a very good affordable amp for beginners.

Amp Beta Aivin M8 top

How To Win The Beta Aivin M8 Amp?

To enter the giveaway, it is quite easy:

Leave a comment in the comments section below, and tell me why do you think you should get this Beta Aivin M8 amplifier? Be fun, be creative or be serious… But leave a comment!

To improve your chances to win:

Submit a video demo of your musical gear that I will publish on Muzicosphere: any instrument, effects, amps… As long as it is made to play music! You have 2 possible ways to submit:

* The regular visitors will notice that I am experimenting.

A few rules for the game:

  • The game is worldwide.
  • Shipping cost will be paid by Muzicosphere and
  • However, any import tax or custom duty specific to your country will be your responsibility.
  • The game starts now and will end by March 10, 2010 at midnight (Paris time).
  • The winner will be picked the week after, and will be informed by e-mail.

** As there are 4 prizes, you are welcome to enter for the other 3 prizes to win.

The M8 amp retails at € 89. Further details on

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