William’son Red Bee Contest

Hi y’all… Maybe you were expecting that moment as I did for the last couple of days (actually weeks for me). As I mentioned it in last Friday’s post, one of you will get the chance to win the William’son Red Bee guitar provided by the wha-wha.com shop. I reckon I’m quite happy to have the opportunity to organize this contest and allow one of you to get this guitar. Here is the video displayed on the Friday’s post.

The most aware of you would have read the post, put the amp on stand-by, fill the camcorder battery and done some warm up exercises! Yet, I’m going to explain the rules to enter the contest.


The Rules of the Contest

How to enter the contest?

To be the king get a chance to win the William’son Red Bee, you’ll have to enter the game, and to enter it will be pretty easy. You’ll have to share a demo/test drive video of your musical instrument with the readers of muzicosphere. Just as me, they are interested and want to hear various musical instruments.

  • The contest is opened to everybody with no country restriction.
  • The contest is opened to every musical instrument. If you want this guitar, and that you are a multi-instrumentalist (for example) or that you are a musician who want to learn guitar… Well, you can share a video about any other musical instrument like bass, harmonica, or whatever instrument you wanna show us. Don’t hesitate to submit your video…
  • I will take one video per contestant into account for the contest. However, if you do want to share several videos, you are welcome to proceed, the extra videos will be published but not counted for the contest.
  • To send a video, you’ll just have to click on the Red Bee Giveaway item of the navigation menu above, on the top of the page that will direct you to a form to fill-in.

Schedule of the contest?

  • July Tuesday 7th : Beginning of the contest.
  • The videos will be published on the blog as they’ll come along.
  • In order to designate the winner, people will have to vote for their favorite videos with the vote module at the bottom of each single contest post. You are welcome to also comment, ask questions, interact…
  • You will have until Sunday September 6th at midnight (Paris time) to submit your video, and votes will be open until Sunday September 20th.
  • On Monday September 21st I’ll establish the final Top 10 most voted videos.
  • The winner will be chosen among these 10 finalists during September 21st week.

About the videos?

  • Formats accepted: .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .divx
  • File size: 50 MegaBytes maximum
  • Editorial Policy: Be creative, imaginative, adapt yourself, get inspired if you need to… And most important: Be yourself! There are only two requirements. The video will show you playing your instrument and showing us its possibilities and sound. Because we want to see the instrument and also because we want to see you (well, at least you can use a youtube framing… I call it headless framing). Try to make a good sound capture to let us hear your instrument.

If you follow the blog from the beginning, you already know what I’m trying to achieve: a video platform dedicated to musical instruments demos and test drives, videos made by the owners of musical instruments (me, you and so many amateur musicians who surf the web) to the use of those who want to see and hear these instruments and sometimes hardly find the information. I am currently fine tuning the concept and setting up the different elements.

Some contributors believed in my project and spontaneously offered to publish their videos on muzicosphere. I want to thank Doc Loco, Woodoocry, Eric Dupin, Jipes and Jacquou as you were the first believers of the project. And to thank you guys, I’ve decided to register you in the contest without any other video from you. However, if you want to publish a new video, you are totally welcome to do so… Of course!

You can now submit your video… Feel free to contact me if you have any question about the contest.

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