Who Wanna Smash a Guitar?

Smash GuitarsThe avatars of marketing will always amaze me… And when it comes from Japan, the concepts are often luscious. The Smash Guitars company obeys that rule, believe you me! They just came up with an idea that will divert one of the ultimate rock’n’roll catharsis act from its meaning i.e. smashing a guitar. And the funny (sad?) part could be that it might be a successful business… (spotted via crunch gear)

I know that the guitar smashing act is not that popular among the guitar fans mostly because a lot of us often have to save for months to get the instrument of their dreams. However I’ve always been fascinated by this act… When the rock trance reaches the climax, when the wall of sound is so intense that the exhausted musician couldn’t go further… The only way to go beyond the limit is to let the guitar express by itself. The soul of the guitar has to be released in a feedback stream!! The only feasible way to release a soul is to destroy the physical envelope!! Smash that guitar… Free its soul!!

Enough with the pseudo mystical shit… Let’s go back to the rant!! All this company seems to be doing is releasing another bunch of cheap instruments in the market (60$ each) purposely made to be destroyed… Why is it that our era is so focused on turning meaningful acts into meaningless gestures? Why the hell would they turn this rare, and spontaneous rage into a meaningless gimmick? I dunno!

Smash Guitar

Well, to pad the concept, the company states that every piece of the guitar is recyclable. Yeah! Just like approximately 100% of the guitars in the market! It would be meaningful if those guitars were made of recycled material, no? I think the green washing is a cheap shot there? But don’t forget, they do have marketing oriented brains with a lot of tricks! So, they say that they will take back the smashed instruments pieces, and construct new guitars which will be donated to charity. I have to acknowledge that it does sound like this is a generous and sincere offer.

I just hope that they already are working on ”endorsement deals” and communication plans involving guys like Tokio Hotel, Justin Bieber or any avatar of the mainstream pop music scene. Otherwise the financial stake will be rather limited… What would a charity do with a plain formerly smashed instrument with no story to tell and no audience to listen?

Here is a 2 cents thought that I doubt would change the world, if only I pretended to change it… If one would be addressing the environment issue and help charities, the best thing would be to produce real eco-friendly guitars (made of sustainable woods, recycled materials, environment-friendly varnish) and then giveaway a percentage of the price to charities chosen by the buyer. That would be bold and appealing… As for the guitars smashing, there are so many cheap guitars out there that could serve this purpose!!

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  1. Amateur ou pas, j’ai jamais vu d’un bon oeil la destruction du matériel, en particulier de la guitare. Il y a deux écoles sans doute, ceux qui passent d’une guitare à l’autre sans y voir de réelle différence, et les autres qui lient un lien plus fort avec leur instrument (de musique on s’entend bien :)… Cette même guitare sur laquelle on passe des heures afin d’arriver à la faire sonner comme on l’entend, et enfin connaître la manière dont elle va se comporter dans telle et telle configuration…

  2. That’s both genius and terribly offensive. You’d think they could at least make it with easy breakaway parts and inbuilt smoke bombs and explosions to really make the trashing something spectacular from a performance perspective. If you’re into that sort of thing. Instead it’s just a cheap guitar that you won’t feel bad about playing cricket with when somebody lobs a Boss DS-1 at you!

  3. Hey Peter… The description of the thing mentions the fact that it is supposed to be optimized for a nice smashing effect. No inbuilt smoke bombs nor explosions though…

  4. Je ne suis pas certain que tous ceux qui ont brisé leur(s) guitare(s) à la fin d’un concert l’aient fait par pur acte de catharsis.
    Il y a aussi beaucoup de spectacle.
    Quand on sait ça, qu’on ramène le prix d’une quelconque guitare à celui du concert, ça relativise.
    Et même si je ne le ferais sans doute pas, je n’ai pas suffisamment sacralisé l’instrument – ça m’est impossible – pour que ça me choque.

    Et pour ce qui est du concours évoqué dans le billet, c’est du même acabit. Ca ne me trouble pas plus qu’une Madonna cassant une guitare dédiée à ce seul acte.

    Bon, en clair je m’en fous.

  5. @Lemg: Tu as absolument raison sur le côté catharsis/spectacle… C’était juste pour justifier une envolée mystique 🙂

    Par contre à quel concours tu penses quand tu écris “Et pour ce qui est du concours évoqué dans le billet”?? Je sais que des fois je ne me relis pas forcément attentivement, mais là je suis sûr de ne pas parler de concours!! 🙂

  6. J’ai écrit concours ?

    (Se tape la tête contre le mur.)

    Et merde…

    Bon, je me suis trompé hein, ça arrive.

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