Vuvu-Ze-Lapsteel: Vuvuzela Concerto in Bb – Lapsteel Tribute


I didn’t watch much football games from the FIFA World Cup but I watched enough to be shocked enough by what should be called the instrument of the year: the Vuvuzela!! It is annoying, and might scare you to death as it sounds like a swarm coming to you. Yet this B flat blown in unison by hundreds (maybe thousands) of supporters/vuvuzelists (?) has some hypnotic drone effect that is a bit fascinating (that’s just another word for annoying!).

Vuvuzela Concerto in B FlatThere is no doubt… The Vuvuzela is probably the most annoying instrument ever! One note… One single note that floats on the stadium!! I just hope that no one will dare to bring one at a concert!! A couple of days ago I’ve been scared to death thinking that this could happen. I came across this Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat. Say what? I followed the link with a bit of anxiety, and luckily I just stumbled upon this wonderfully complex score!! You can click on the picture to see it full-sized.

A score like this one required all my skills as a reader, and all my creative sense for arrangements to record a tribute to the Vuvuzela. I took my lapsteel, and I imagined the weirdest open tuning to achieve the masterpiece. I tuned it in unison E (EEEEEE say it out loud now!) to have both the drone effect of the vuvuzela, and to create a percussive effect that you hear in the stadiums. Then all that matters is gain, and a little more gain! You will also need, and I don’t mean to brag because everyone who knows me knows that I am humble but you’ll need a shitload of talent.

So here is the exclusive, and wonderful rendition of the vuvuzela concerto in B Flat… Vuvu-Ze-Lapsteel: The most annoying tribute to the most annoying musical instrument: the vuvuzela!


I can’t believe I’m still laughing at this bullcrap video…

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  1. ‘xellent, bravo !!

  2. Excellent ! Sors donc ton agenda, peut-être bien que je vais faire appel à toi pour mes prochains enregistrements. Imagine, un Vuvu-ze-lapsteel en duo avec Gertrude ! lol 😉

    P.S: Fallait l’avoir l’idée quand même ! 🙂

  3. OMG… Croiser le fer avec Dame Gertrude… Va falloir faire de l’excès de vuvuzèle!!!
    J’aurai le droit de taper sur Mr Cigar Box??? Dis!! 🙂

  4. Félicitations.

    J’ai quand même peur pour les prochains soundscapes de Robert Fripp.

  5. Pour les Bleus,je le dis en anglais,Blow by The Ass…un peut graveleux,l’en conviens…

  6. et si jamais vous en avez vraiment marre de la bête fn’hésitez pas à faire un tour ici :


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