Vuvu-Ze-Lapsteel: Vuvuzela Concerto in Bb – Lapsteel Tribute


I didn’t watch much football games from the FIFA World Cup but I watched enough to be shocked enough by what should be called the instrument of the year: the Vuvuzela!! It is annoying, and might scare you to death as it sounds like a swarm coming to you. Yet this B flat blown in unison by hundreds (maybe thousands) of supporters/vuvuzelists (?) has some hypnotic drone effect that is a bit fascinating (that’s just another word for annoying!).

Vuvuzela Concerto in B FlatThere is no doubt… The Vuvuzela is probably the most annoying instrument ever! One note… One single note that floats on the stadium!! I just hope that no one will dare to bring one at a concert!! A couple of days ago I’ve been scared to death thinking that this could happen. I came across this Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat. Say what? I followed the link with a bit of anxiety, and luckily I just stumbled upon this wonderfully complex score!! You can click on the picture to see it full-sized.

A score like this one required all my skills as a reader, and all my creative sense for arrangements to record a tribute to the Vuvuzela. I took my lapsteel, and I imagined the weirdest open tuning to achieve the masterpiece. I tuned it in unison E (EEEEEE say it out loud now!) to have both the drone effect of the vuvuzela, and to create a percussive effect that you hear in the stadiums. Then all that matters is gain, and a little more gain! You will also need, and I don’t mean to brag because everyone who knows me knows that I am humble but you’ll need a shitload of talent.

So here is the exclusive, and wonderful rendition of the vuvuzela concerto in B Flat… Vuvu-Ze-Lapsteel: The most annoying tribute to the most annoying musical instrument: the vuvuzela!


I can’t believe I’m still laughing at this bullcrap video…

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