Vox VLD-1: Vox is in the Loop.

Several years ago I was very interested in a looper. Back then it was quite popular but the offer was restricted to the JamMan from Digitech and the RC20 from Boss. Both brands have then made several versions of their original loopers with extra-features. Yet to my knowledge, no other brand entered this market. Until now at least! Vox announced the Vox VLD-1!!

Interesting features brought by the VLD-1 Dynamic Looper:

  • Effects presets which allow the use of the VLD-1 without any other pedal (I remember that Boss also puts effects in some versions of the RC looper).
  • 2 independent loops.
  • An expression pedal… And I love expression pedals.
  • Loop Quantize function to automatically loop on the beat.

It seems that Vox conceived the VLD-1 as a live performance device only… Just check the connectors:

  • Input
  • Output
  • XLR (to plug a mic)

And nothing else! No computer connectors at all! You just plug & play music. And I actually like what is shown by the Vox VLD-1 demonstrator… I like that very much indeed!



More information on voxamps.com.

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  1. Moi la seule question que je me pose, c’est comment dans la première vidéo le mec fait pour avoir autant d’instruments branchés sur cette pédale qui a aussi peut de prises.

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