Vox Pop : The History of Vox Amps [BBC Documentary]

Here is a very interesting documentary about the history of Vox amplifiers : How it all started? How Vox became one of the few references for the 60s tone?

I particularly like the way Vox almost missed the Beatles endorsement… They almost missed the biggest, and most interesting advertising deal for a company !! Anyway, they would still have made their way with the Shadows, the Rolling Stones, and so on…

You’ll find a lot of very accessible informations about the tones differences between UK, and US amplifiers… The second part starts a bit technical but is still quite interesting. The documentary even mentions the Vox effects, and the adorable Vox guitars… I so dream about these fantastic weird axes…

Anyway, I let you enjoy this documentary… It’s 30 minutes of awesomeness!



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