Vox Apache Travel Guitars

Every summer I obsess over travel guitars… This is kinda funny as I don’t travel that much, and I only use to take a few days off each year for a few years now !!

I always liked the short scaled Pignose guitars with their built-in amp, and the Fernandes Digi-Zo… But I think that Vox attempt in electric travel guitar is close to perfection. These guitars don’t seem to be that new as they were announced earlier in 2012 (or maybe even in 2011) but I’ve only seen them a few days ago.

The Apache I and II models are based on the famous Teardrop and Phantom body shapes from Vox. They have a full length scale, a bult-in amplifier with speakers and built-in rhythms.

I love the Vox Teardrop and Vox Phantom body shapes. The only downside I can see on these Apache guitars is that Vox teams could have integrated some built-in effects. Indeed, they have the culture and the technology to do it (Tonelab). Or maybe they didn’t because it would have an impact on the price of the guitars that are under the 300€ mark (announced at $299 in the US). Check voxamps.com for more information.


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  1. Pretty sure It’s a 24″ scale – so not sure if that would be considered full sized to all players (^L ^ )/

  2. can anyone tell me how to reduce the humming?

  3. do you know where i could find a vox apache guitar for sale

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