Moog Lap Steel Video at NAMM 2011

I knew it!! I knew that as soon as I’d see a video of this beast I’d be screaming: “Neeeeeed!! I need one right now!!”. As expected the Moog Lap Steel features the same technology that is used on the Moog Guitar. It allows to have a total control over the sustain to get the most versatile tones out of the lapsteel!

Here is a video from the Harmony Central team… I like it very much! Did I already say that I need one??


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  1. Ca sonne carrément bien leur affaire, pour faire des nappes c’est super ! Ca me rappelle le son de Daniel Lanois sur son pedal steel (album “Here it is”)

  2. Les nappes… C’est aussi ce qui m’est venu à l’esprit la première que j’ai entendu parler d’un lap de chez Moog et puis quand j’ai vu cette vidéo 🙂

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