Vernon Reid: Songwriter’s Tips…

To me Vernon Reid is like a mad scientist, in the cool way of course… He linked many different genres together to give us his own unique recipe… He could be described as a shred guitarist, but I mainly see him as a groovy riffer… The guy is a rythm machine!! Guitarist, songwriter and producer for his bands and on many projects (Living Colour, Masque, Yohimbe Brothers,…) he blended Metal with Jazz via Punk Rock, Funk and other Electronica stuff… I use to call this a joyful mess… I love this!!

In the following video he gives tips about songwriting… There is no secret recipe given there but as a matter of fact, when Vernon speaks… I just sit down and listen…


I have to write this down and never forget… A song can talk about pure nothing and this is the brilliance of it… Sweet!
I can’t resist to put a live video of Living Colour… Love Rears It’s Ugly Head… Yummy…


Well, let’s go for the ritualistic good bye… Mister Reid, do you have a word to say?

“Hey Sarssi dude, please tell  me if I’m pointin’ at the right direction…

I just want to know which way do I go to get to your MuzicoSphere?”vernonreid

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  1. Je continue à adorer sans modération… Ils sortent un nouvel album très bientôt et j’ai hâte de les revoir en concert!! Oui, j’avoue que je voue quasiment un culte à Vernon Reid 🙂

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