Vernon Reid Presents the “Freak Flag Fly” Parker Guitar

I’ve said it enough in the past… I’m a huge fan of Vernon Reid’s music, and I love his attitude. Then it’s natural for me to really like his guitars. After being a Hamer artist for several years, Vernon Reid became a Parker Guitars endorsee last year…

This was not that surprising but I always wondered how it happened? The answer is in the video, and it could be summed up to the fact that the luthier who used to build his Hamer guitars is now in Parker Guitars team!

Reid’s Parker signature guitar was unveiled last year, and here comes now a customised graphic model made for him: the “Freak Flag Fly” (not sure that this is an official name though). Though I tend to like plain finishes when it comes to guitars, I love the visual aspect of this one! The interview get them to speak about a variation of the signature model they are currently working on… Can’t wait to see it, though I doubt I might able to afford one of these babies!

So… Here is the video if you want to know more about this, and about the picks geek side of Vernon Reid, etc…


Photo from the Parker Guitars Facebook page.

The fact that I made a fictional post about Parker last monday is a pure coïncidence (Improbable Tribute Guitar : The Parker McFly)

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