Variax Lapsteel… That Instrument Should Exist !

James-Tyler-Variax-TuningLately, I’ve been spending more time on my lapsteel than guitar… Mostly trying to find looping ideas with the Boss RC20. Then this thought popped out ! Having a Variax system on a lapsteel could be awesome. Basically a 6-strings lapsteel is just a regular guitar played horizontally. The only big difference is the distance between the strings and the “fretboard”.

I think the latest Variax system could be perfect for such a purpose. First, it already features many modelled guitars. And modelling some legendary lap steel guitars such as vintage Weissenborns shouldn’t be trickier than modelling any Les Paul, Telecaster or Martin guitar. Second, the alternate tuning and virtual capo of the James Tyler Variax is totally relevant for a lapsteel even more than for a standard guitar. It’s a bit boring to keep changing the tuning of the lapsteel.

Now, I’m pretty sure that Line 6 will never go that way as the lap steel is relatively small niche. So, now I’m thinking to get me a Variax system to put it on a lapsteel. I wonder how tricky it could be?

This is Project #1256 on my long projects list…

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