V-Slide Husky from V-Picks: The Acrylic Bottleneck

V-Slide Husky

Last month I wrote a two parts overview of the bottlenecks, and tone bars available for the slide guitar players (Sliding Stories – Part I et Sliding Stories – Part II: Unusual Shapes & Materials), and I still didn’t write the 3rd part! But that’s a good thing because the following news  from V-Picks showed up this week on my gear radar. So here is a new unusual bottleneck made of acrylic that I’ll add to my list of slide guitar items that I will try one day or another (via).

V-Picks is a brand well known for making picks designed for fast, and sharp playing, and I’ve been quite surprised to discover that they also make bottlenecks with the very same material they use for their picks. Though I’ve never played with such a bottleneck, I won’t be surprised that an acrylic slide would be light, and not very dense.

V-Picks had a demand from some of their clients asking for a thicker heavier bottleneck to be able to get more sustain, and bite when sliding on the strings of the guitar. The V-Slide Husky from V-Picks is their response. It is 1/4″ thick which is quite big, and there are a regular, and a large version of the Husky.  To be more original you can also personalize your bottleneck with a print on it (though I didn’t see the option for the Husky). It’s always cool to have the possibility to personalize such accesories for the guitar.

The V-Slides are available from $10 (regular model) to $24,95 for the V-Slide Husky. If you want to know more about these acrylicbottlenecks go check v-picks.com.


V-Slide Husky

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  1. Le problème avec ce genre de bottleneck c’est justement que la taille peut poser des soucis si le diamètre est trop large ca devient encombrant. J’avais essayé de nombreux goulots de Champagne et bien que très lourd ils devenaient très difficile à manipuler surtout si on les porte au petit doigt.

    Jusqu’ici seul certaines bouteilles semblent avoir le bon compromis circonférence réduite mais densité suffisante pour obtenir un sustain correct. Je ne parle bien entendu que du jeu au Bottleneck, à plat c’est une toute autre histoire ;o)

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