Unlikely Model? The Gibson Jimi Hendrix Signature.

If someone tells you “Jimi Hendrix” and “guitar“, you will immediately reply “Fender Stratocaster“, would you? Though he never had an exclusive deal with Fender, he mainly used Stratocaster guitars on stage and in studio sessions. Yet, he used some guitars from the main Fender competitor back in those days i.e. Gibson. If you don’t remember the famous Flying V that Jimi painted himself for example, just check the following pictures.

Well, the Gibson firm made an unexpected announcement, though totally legitimate. What about a posthumous Jimi Hendrix signature model? Ain’t that an unlikely signature model? A few years back, Gibson made a celebration Jimi Hendrix Flying V model. But this time, they are announcing something quite mysterious. Nothing was revealed about the model itself except that they might release a whole line of Jimi-inspired instruments. Plus, that will be the result of a total collaboration between Gibson and Janie, Jimi’s sister and CEO of Authentic Hendrix. Which base will they start with? Mystery! However, they suggest some innovations on the pickups design to (attempt to) recreate  the unique sound of Jimi.


Who wanna bet? A new Gibson Flying V JH Signature? A Stratocaster replica made by Gibson? A brand new and unexpected design? To be followed…

Spotted on Gibson Lifestyle

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