A New Signature Guitar for Matt Guitar Murphy with Delaney Guitars

Spotted this on Guitar Noize… Matt Guitar Murphy has a new signature model with Delaney Guitars. We all know Matt Guitar Murphy as being a part of The Blues Brothers the band, and the movies. But he also had a nice career as a sideman with Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry, Memphis Slim,  Sonnyboy Williamson II,…  In other words, the man was part of the blues legend as a member of Chess Records!

This is a new signature model because Matt Guitar Murphy was previously a Cort endorsee with the MGM-1 model that looked a little bit like a PRS (just a little bit!). With Delaney Guitars they went quite original in terms of design. Still you can see some bits of a Telecaster (control plate) or bits of a Strat (general body shape is more or less a reversed strat shape) along with a maple pickguard and some original contours (I like the headstock).

The guitar will be available for sale at $2100 (including shipping). This is more expensive than the former Cort Matt Murphy model but this is not the same thing either.  For more information about the specs, check Delaney Guitars.

Let’s have some good blues tune with Matt Guitar Murphy & Memphis Slim performing Matt Guitar Boogie in the early 60s



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