Unusual Jam on Fine Resophonic Resonator Guitars Featuring Mr Blackstone & Brice Delage

My friend Jacques Carbonneaux from French website La Guitare published a totally awesome jam that he filmed at the 2011 Issoudun Guitar Festival. I dig that jam a lot because it breaks a cliché about resonator guitars… Both guitarists are jamming on Mike LewisFine Resophonic guitars in standard tuning. The style is kind of oriental arabic sounding!

So here are Mr Blackstone (that I heard for the first time today, and I like his music) and Brice Delage (that I knew about for several months now via his guitars, and effects demos) in an awesome resoriental jam (yeah I just like collapsing words).


This reminds me how I miss playing a resonator guitar since I’ve had to sell my Miniolian a few years ago.

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