A Bluetooth Gibson Guitar?? The Firebird X!

Earlier I posted a quick note about the Revolution announced by Gibson… And I selected the wrong event on the Gibson CEO’s posterous. It was all about the Firebird X teasing but not the common Firebird. This Firebird X is a limited edition equipped with a CPU & bluetooth, yet another digital guitar that will be a limited series (1800 units), and will cost 5500$ (source: Audiofanzine and some twittos who attended the event at the Hard Rock Café in NYC)!!

I don’t know what drugs they are using at Gibson but it reminds me the Gibson Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix fiasco last year at pretty much the same period!! The idea is not that bad for those who don’t like cables but I don’t think guitarists are expecting this kind of guitar from Gibson!

Here are a couple of pictures spotted on a French forum… Weird shape, and weird everything! I don’t know if it is the actual guitar… I’m searching pics now!

Edit: Here is a pictures gallery of the Firebird X displayed at the Hard Rock Café

Edit 2: Video of the Firebird X presentation at the Hard Rock Café


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  1. au secours! Je crois me souvenir qu’ils venaient d’annoncer l’abandon des guitare Robot…. qui sont un fiasco (je veux dire qu’elles n’ont aucun succès). Sinon moi… bien qu’ils aient des méthodes commerciales minables et un merketing merdique… Je reste chez fender!

  2. eurgh, les 80s reviennent ?

  3. @Penta: niveau pratiques commerciales et marketing je crois que les 2 sont à peu près comparables! Beaucoup de progrès à faire…

    @Bertram: Les 80s à la sauce hi-tech mais vrai hi-tech! ^^

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