Yet Another Training Device for Guitar Beginners: Power Chord Trainer

Guitar Power Chord TrainerHere is a new guitar accessory belonging to the family of accessories that always raises the following question: is it really useful? Let me introduce the Power Chord Trainer (spotted via Guitar Strings Guide)… What is it? Well it is pretty simple. The power chord trainer is a flexible plastic “bridge” that fits between the guitarist’s fingers that shape the chords.This training device is designed to help beginners to learn the finger spacing of the famous power chords that made the history of rock’n’roll!

I gave it a good thought, and actually this is true that power chords are not that easy to manage when you are a guitar newbie either considering the finger spacing or the strength required to make ’em sound as mean as they should be! So after all why not selling a gadget designed to learn how to properly play power chords faster and easier? The power chord trainer device was created by 2 British guitarists Paul Leverett et Kelvin Pratt.

The latter is already known for being the inventor of the Space Trainer which is another training device made to help the guitarist’s hand form the correct shape for playing and stops over-gripping of the guitar neck (check it here at It seems that Pratt’s imagination is quite fertile, and he has a talent to spot the most common problems that his guitar students have with learning guitar, and then come with a solution to solve these problems.

I still wonder if it is really efficient but I guess that it still can be quite useful to build finger strength and stretch! The day someone comes with a similar solution to help learn the weird jazz chords shaping… I’ll buy it!! Yeah power chords finally made it in my system…

This Power Chord Trainer thingy reminds of a chat with an old chap a couple of years ago in one of those crappy bars in Paris. That day  I had my guitar on my back when I stopped by to get me some lager. The old chap was staring at my axe, and then asked me “d’you know Django Reinhardt?”. My answer was as simple as “you bet I do papy!”… And here is the rest of the chat (more or less)

– I’m going to give you a piece of advice if you want to become a good guitarist!
– C’mon Papy hit me with it… I’m listening!
– You see, this is an advice from a professional jazz guitarist… do you know name-of-the-guitarist? (it was a long time ago so I totally forgot the name he gave me but I clearly remember that I simply noded my head though I never heard of the guy, Ed.) Well, he knew Django back in the days (sic), and he was so impressed that he attached 2 fingers to learn how to play with just the 2 others!
– Nowaaaaayyyyy?
– You bet he did fellow
– Papy you are bullshitting me… I already have problems to play guitar with all my fingers!!
– Hey boy… Just tell me that you don’t want to become a great guitarist!
– Oh Papy… I’m still 1m83 tall!
– Little punk! Let’s clink glasses!
– Cheers… Seriously? He really attached his fingers?

Yeah  I know it almost has nothing to do with the initial topic of this post but I digged this drunkard encounter!

Anyway if you want to know more about the Power Chord Trainer that is available for $9.99 (€7.75, and £6.45) go check

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