A Gibson App Store?

A couple of months ago when Gibson announced the Firebird X release, me, and a few others compared the Gibson marketing strategy to Apple marketing strategy… This even got me to have a funny yet condesceding comment in the following post about the Firebird X by a dude named Tom…

Why must Apple be mentioned? Apple is a computer company, Gibson make guitars, I look forward to you’re next comments comparing the new Pedulla Basses with the way Dyson revolutionized vaccums….

Now that Gibson is about to open the Firebird X platform to third party developers it brings some credibility to my post, isn’t it?

So apparently they will allow other companies to develop hardware, and apps that will go on the Firebird X system. Yeah, you read it right… They used the terms Firebird X system which means that the system itself won’t be limited to the Firebird X guitar but rolled out to others guitars. Interestingly enough this is also very close to the idea I was defending in my previous Firebird X post: the Firebird X should be considerd as a concept guitar just like the concept cars in the automobile industry.

And to be more Apple-ish, they are about to launch a Gibson app store that is more or less based on the Apple App Store model. The press release indicates that there will be paid, and free downloadable apps that can be installed by updating the Firebird X firmware.

Now Tom… Please tell me again that it doesn’t sound like Gibson is trying to be the Apple of the guitar business!!

I will follow this with a great interest because it’s interesting to see how they will roll out such a new approach in the guitar world…

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  1. beginner guitar packages

    Lol next thing that we will see is iPick 🙂

  2. Who needs guitars anyway when I can make music on my phone! Phones rock way harder than Les Pauls….

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