Twitter & The Guitarist… Are You a Twittarist?

The blogosphere is thrilled by Twitter… The current phenomenon of the web!! So, should I write about twitter or not? One more point of view won’t kill anyone, so hell yeah I’m gonna write about it! And to be original, why wouldn’t I invent a a nomenclature to designate the guitarists who tweet… The Twittarists!!

As I am a nice guy, I’ll even try to draw up a very subjective list of the reasons why you should be a twittarist… Or not! You’ll get to decide… No gun held to your head!

Reasons to be a Twittarist… Or not!

1/ It is a good media to hook up with many other guitarists.

They are not the majority of the tweeple (twitter users) but they are numerous… Right in the middle of the constant message flow, the surprise is sometimes very close!

If you become a Twittarist… Your social network is about to explode thanks to many bloggers and/or guitarists who will follow you if you leave some interesting tweets… They will bring you a lot of useful information, sometimes just entertaining information, or ideas, etc… And vice versa as twitter relies on sharing… Welcome to the instant communication era!

… Or not! Alas, the more people you follow on twitter, the more the background noise will be… A lot of tweets will be lost in the flow, while others will jump to your face!! And, don’t even get me started on those good guys who will tweet a simple list of links sending to their own blog/website… Welcome to an almost unilateral communication era!

2/ A constant source of information.

As most of the social medias and networks, twitter rapidly shifted to a new hype internet marketing tool. Many brands have their twitter account and use it to share informations about their musical instruments and gear.

If you become a Twittarist… You’ll be able to fulfill your GAS addicted need for information about instruments and gear available in the past, the present or the future… Welcome to the targeted marketing era!

… Or not! Regarding the daily amount of information, your GAS affliction could become wildly uncontrollable. The tweets sometimes looks like the most invasive spam you’ve ever seen… Welcome to the incentive era!

3/ Follow the updates of your favorite musicians.

Celebrities on twitter already draw attention on them either because of their huge potential to be followed by hundred of thousands followers in a short time scale or because some of them are not the authors of their tweets and use ghost twitterers

If you become a Twittarist… You will certainly find some musicians you like who are authentically present and active on twitter… They provide you updates on tours, studio sessions, various information (for example the upcoming Parker Vernon Reid signature guitar has been revealed by Vernon himself)… Welcome to the era of tribes gathering around their icons!

… Or not! Of course, you might end up afflicted with the groupie syndrome… Yep… Even though this is hurting your feelings, you’ll be a groupie, period!… Welcome to the groupies tribe!

4/ Spread you music.

The power of Twitter is to provide you with a potentially huge audience for your music. A lot of tweeple are here to discover new things, and you might be one of these novelties.

If you become a Twittarist… Thanks to the synergistic interaction between your followers’ networks  you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands ears… Some of these might even become fans of the music you will share with them…. Welcome to the era of gathering your own tribe!

… Or not! Indeed, it will depend on your music, the way you will use this tool and what you will bring to the permanent twitter cyber-cocktail… Yes! Everything on twitter relies on what you will bring to your followers. You should think about sharing and patience rather than harassment and buzzWelcome to an era of potential disillusion!

5/ Twitter is time consuming.

If you get to involved in twitter, if you want real time information… You will spend way too much time there… Way too much!! Add your daily job to this and you might even quit playing guitar!!

If you become a Twittarist… Your time spent online might dramatically increase because of the huge flow of data available. Even worst, if you want to be involved with your followers, reply to their questions, share interesting information, etc… Welcome to the over-connected era!

… Or not!! After all, if you need to be patient (actually you will have to) you will consider to disconnect from time to time… Grab your guitar and write new good songs to share with your community. They will be grateful because you’ll give them their fix, the very one thing why they are following you… Welcome to the era of a tool that we all should consider just as a tool!

So, I hope this half-serious-half-a-joke post will help you to understand the power of twitter as a way to broaden your audience and widen your horizon, and convince you to join in… Or not!

And if you want a good start on Twitter, here is the Twitter Guitar Directory updated by Jason Shadrick from the National Guitar Workshop… A list of many twittarists out there…

And if by any chance you would follow me on twitter… It’s pretty easy… Just follow the link @Sarssipius

*   This post is totally transposable to any musician willing to widen his horizon.
** You have noticed that entire blocks of this post are highly discursive on some level.

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. You’re welcome Jason. That’s a hell of resource you are updating there… ‘though I’m not in it yet 😀

  3. Great post. Blogging is bad enough for taking your time away from the guitar, I hear twitter is even worse. I’m not quite hooked yet, but I’m sure I’ll get sucked in sooner or later.
    Better check out Jason’s guitar directory. Cheers !

  4. j’ai un peu de mal avec Twitter que je trouve trop fouilli, comme disait Sting “there’s too much information running through my head”, je suis pas fan de la présentation, décidément, Facebouquiniste (?) oui, Twitter addict, non.

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