Twablatures: 140 Characters Guitar Chords of Songs on Twitter

TwablaturesA quick note for the guitarists who use Twitter about @Twablatures which is a pretty clear name for those who speak a fluent twitter language: Twablatures tweets guitar chords of songs in 140 characters. The dude behind this is fellow French blogger Alexis who will now also tweet his own songs transcriptions.

Alexis’ blog, Guitar School Garden, is fairly young but is already filled with top notch content. Guitar School Garden is a guitar training blog which is very interesting and rather versatile. Alexis analyses many genres through the study of some guitar licks of famous guitarists (check how versatile he is through these examples Guitar Licks à la Joe Bonamassa or à la John Petrucci) or a style (here is an awesome lesson on timing in Funk guitar) or a technique. Alexis is a very good guitarist and a very pleasant dude! Guitar School Garden is all written in French but you can still check it because every lesson has a clean picture tab, and an MP3 sample of the lick which is basically all you need to practice. And if you really want to read his tips, you can still use Google Translator that should display acceptable results.

Guitar School Garden

Twablatures is an avatar of Guitar School Garden that should be interesting to beginners, but not only. I have to admit that I often enjoy strumming the chords of a song I like on my acoustic guitar when I’m chillin’ on my couch. And believe you me, when the transcriptions are good, it is only for the best!

Let’s brag a little… Just a little. I had a little role to play in the start of  @Twablatures as I suggested Alexis to start this account after he tweeted the chords of song Je Veux by Zaz (Zaz is female singer who is having quite a success in France for a couple of months now). And now I even think that if he wants to do it right, he should also have a dedicated Facebook page. After all, once the transcriptions are written all he will have to do is synchronizing the updates. Now I’m going to follow how this experiment will evolve… So don’t hesitate to follow him because he already started to tweet… You will even find a Queen of the Stone Age tune!

Here are the main links to check for Guitar School Garden:

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  1. François Le Grattonaute

    c’est une idée bien sympa..ah gwatter des mowceau en lisant ses tweets. Et en plus c’est gratweet 😉

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