Tuscany Guitars: Vintage Replicas Revisited.

Tuscany Guitars is a brand that I’ve spotted a few weeks ago while I was hunting in my constant search for cheap priced guitars. Tuscany is an Italian brand created by Galeazzo Frudua. There instruments are meant to be affordable versions of some popular guitars and basses models with some modern upgrades. The instruments are produced in Vietnam, and set up in Italy by the Frudua team. Often such brands deal locally which is rather disappointing in the worldwide web era, but Tuscany Guitars seems widely distributed through Europe and USA.

Tuscany Guitars is not the only player on the cheap vintage replica guitars playground, but some of their models caught my eye. Rare are the new brands that would bet on a:

  • Les Paul copy equipped with a Floyd tremolo.
  • Mosrite replica (Ok!! Eastwood does. But Eastwood is one of those rare companies, maybe the most exciting).
  • Semi-acoustic resonator bass guitar (which was discontinued at Johnson and Fender if I do remember well).

During my search for information I came through several forums where the dealers (especially UK and US dealers) were quite active to make Tuscany Guitars break in the the guitarists communities around the web. I guess that if you’ve never heard about this brand, soon enough it will be rather popular. I have to admit that I am quite curious about these Tuscany instruments, and especially about the Floyd Les Paul and the Mosrite replica (though this is not an exact copy). As soon as I lay my hand one of these guitars, I’ll keep you update.

Rush Custom Tuscany guitar (Gibson Les Paul replica with a Floyd trem)tuscany_rush_custom

Mirror White Tuscany guitar (Mosrite look alike)tuscany_mirror

Spider Tuscany Bass (semi-acoustic bass with a resonator)


For more information check the following:

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  1. Zul and Hiz Bass

    ou est-ce que l’on peut en trouver en magasin en France ?? ‘si quelqu’un le sait meme si ça m’etonnerai beaucoup) je trouve la jazzmaster et la es335 juste sublime

  2. Je n’en ai encore jamais vu en France, par contre je sais qu’il y a un distributeur. Donc il doit y en avoir. Je poserai la question à tout hasard.

  3. je ne sais pas pourquoi toutes les commentaires sont en Francais d’ailleurs? I have a Tuscany Les Paul Custom, sounds superb, plays superb, you will be amazed. Got mine from Tone Control in Denmark.



  4. @ Richard: Most of the comments are in French ’cause the blog is French though there are both French and English versions. 🙂
    I have a question about the LP custom… I often had a bad experience with Floyd trems on entry guitars ’cause they were poorly made and set. Is this one better? No tuning instability?

  5. I haven’t had any problems with the tremolo whatsoever. It is the same type as you get on the Peavey Wolfgangs, which I have also owned. It is one way i.e. can only be pressed down but i do use it quite a bit and so far haven’t had any issues.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Apparently, Crowder’s Music Shop (www.crowdersmusicshop.com) will be one of their dealers in the USA. The guy also owns Crowder’s Customizing (www.crowderscustomizing.com) and apparently imports a lot of Italian products like Nardi and ISOTTA… so I’m pretty sure the guitars he is getting from them will probably be of acceptable quality.

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