True Bypass Guitar Picks !!

Spotted on Future Guitar Magazine, here is an exciting invention for guitar players who can’t stand the fact that their guitar pick has a negative influence on their guitar tone !!

The True Bypass Guitar Pick made by the Energetic Guitar Picks Company is a revolution in the guitar world ! It doesn’t matter how hard you attack the strings,  it doesn’t matter how you just attack the guitar strings… The tone will always be the same !

The principle is quite simple though it is complex to apply… This is not a surprise ! Thanks to a series of resistors, and capacitors, the true bypass guitar pick absorb the excess of kinetic energy of the strings generated by the right hand strumming.

But you might wonder how do you define the amount of kinetic energy to absorb ? Well it’s pretty simple… There are three different models of True Bypass Guitar Picks sorted according to the vibratory power they will transmit to the guitar strings (which is in inverse proportion to the amount of kinetic energy absorbed by the pick).

For the moment there are three models with a low, medium, and high power of absorption. This is already covering most guitarists needs. According to Yngwie Malmsteen, the True Bypass Guitar Picks will “finally allow guitarists to be as good, and as fast as I am. And they will finally sound in a tune because I’m fed up with all these out of tune guitar players ! But you know I’ll always be the best because I don’t need these picks to be awesome !! “

The team at Energetic Guitar Picks Company is already working on a new concept : the Pick Mute… After all this is not that stupid, you know? As they are able to absorb the energy from the strings, they also can absorb all the energy from the strings, and then create the best way to tone down a guitar! I guess that will be perfect to be neighbor friendly!

Even better… As they can absorb the energy, they thought they would able to render this energy !! So they are working on a brand new model : The True Bypass Power Enhancer Guitar Pick !!

Methinks this will be perfect for extreme music genres…  For now they are just working ont the first prototypes of this model because they are facing two problems :

  • Reducing the size of the coils to stock the kinetic energy !!
  • Dosing the rendition of the energy !!

Some rumors are running… Chuck Norris is the only person to be able to deal with the excess of energy on the holding hand when using the True Bypass Enhancer Guitar Pick !!  I even heard that the test drives are pretty hard to carry out because Chuck Norris has so much energy in his body that the True Bypass Power Enhancer Guitar Pick tends to explode in his hand !!

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about these picks once they are available… Meanwhile, here is the first picture of the picks from Energetic Guitar Picks Company…

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  1. No coincidence that it just so happens to be April 1 today. 😉

  2. Whaaaat ? 🙂

  3. LOL! Good one 🙂

  4. So i’m just asking, but why did you photoshop my image, flip it slice out the background and paste some poorly placed elements on a guitar pick I made for a fake product?

  5. It was just some humorous stuff (poorly made I reckon). I don’t even remember where the pic was from. If you want me to remove it, just ask and I’ll proceed.

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