Top 10 Reasons to Play a Musical Instrument

Well, I definitely can’t write such a boring list that you can read from time to time!! I’m serious… Everywhere you go… Top 10 reasons to do this… Top 10 reasons to do that… What the heck!! Why? Why should I have 10 reasons to do something when one good reason is enough!! And, why do we have to justify our choices anyway…

I admit it! I already wondered why do I need to play an instrument? What a dumb question!! Seriously, maybe I was wasted that day… I don’t exactly remember the circumstances!! Anyway, this question bothered me so much that I had to find some documents and articles about the topic… And wow is the only thing I said!! How did most of the authors/experts/fun-killers managed to turn such a cool topic (music) into a friggin’ boring list…

Yeah, I could say that playing a musical instrument helps improve intellectual capacities… And why not saying that learning an instrument requires and teaches you discipline and patience… How sexy would that be, huh?

Well, I could tell you about physical workout!! Exhausting huh? And why not emanate your personal style… Well, just in case you don’t have any!!

In a total delirium, I could imagine how you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you learn  music… Yes dude… Accomplishment!! As cliché and boring as it sounds when you read it in a personal development book!!  I also could dress like Barbara Cartland (erk for me) and tell you that mastering your instrument will allow you to communicate your emotions… I hope for your girlfriend (or boyfriend) that you are not a drummer!!

I could be just like the perfect little manager!! I would smile and proclaim that you will learn teamwork while playing in your band or orchestra! Yes, I know!! Your boss already told you that today, just like yesterday and all the days before… But, damn it!! Let’s kill the fun once and for all!!  I know your boss stressed the shit out of you… So, playing a musical instrument will also help you to relieve stress!!

But no… I won’t make such a boring list of reasons to justify!! Why? Why would you justify your choices… Why having a top 10 reasons to play music? Just grab your musical instrument… Play it, again and again for the unique reason that worth mentioning… Playing music is fun!! For all the rest, life is already such a pain in the ass!!

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