Theorico-Practical Theorem of the Songwriter

Law of Theory on Songwriting
Musical theory allows you to know everything, but doesn’t guarantee you to write interesting songs.

Law of Practice on Songwriting
Practising your instrument allows you to create songs that works, but it doesn’t help you to say how you did it.

Theorem of the Songwriter
f(x) is a function measuring the amount of musical theory that the songwriter acquired.
f(y) is a funtion measuring the practise level of the songwriter on his instrument.

If f(x) → 0 and f(y) → 0 then it is unlikely that one day you will write any good song at all… Actually, I even wonder how or why you would be a songwriter!!

If f(x) → 0 and f(y) → ∞ then you might write a very good song one day… However, you will never be able to explain this little miracle, and consequently your chances to write another good song are poor!! keep on tryin’ man, and don’t forget… A little amount of musical theory might help you… And won’t kill you!

If f(x) → ∞ and f(y) → 0 then you might spend a lot of time trying to build a consistent song based on harmonic rules that are often contradictory… You even might write what should be the perfect song: extremly rich. However, no one will have the skills to play it or the strength to listen to it!! Man, I think you should learn how to play a musical instrument… And by the way, it might be helpful to listen to actual music, not only scores…

If f(x) → ∞ and f(y) → ∞ then congratulations!! You achieved a very impressive combination of musical theory knowledge and musical instrument skills… All this mastering level will allow you to create songs that don’t work at all… And the funny thing is that you won’t be able to explain why!!

** This theorem is directly inspired by an Albert Einstein’s quote

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