Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Will Never Re-unite!

Japan is not just the world’s number one provider of video games and tech gizmos… It also produces some of the wildest bands ever. One of the reasons for that fact is that Japanese musicians don’t hesitate to wildly crossover genres for the best (ok sometimes it is not for the best though). But one of the most stunning band is just a basic Rock’n’Roll band that any MC5 fan wouldn’t dismiss. Awesome tone, and weirdest name: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. For the Rock’n’Roll fans out there, that’s not a news as the band splitted a few years back. For the last couple of years I was secretly hoping that they will reunite to bring some noise over here as I missed their Paris gigs of the early 2000s. Unfortunately, I’ve just heard the saddest news that the Telecaster slinger from Japan Futoshi Abe passed away last summer at age 43!! Dammit!!

Tribute to Futoshi Abe from Thee Michelle Gun Elephant… Play it loud!

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Smoking Billy


Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Candy House



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  1. Damned! Ca envoie!!! 🙂
    Connaissais pas, merci et joyeux noel! 😉

  2. Merci, et joyeux Noël à toi aussi.

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