The Tale of Trigger, Willie Nelson’s Guitar

Trigger-Willie-NelsonWillie Nelson is an iconic musician that you’ll know even though you never really listened to their music. Most guitarists will remember the unique look of his guitar, Trigger, that follows him since 1969. Trigger is a nylon-strings N-20. Decades of stage performances left some crazy traces on the guitar.

That hole next to the soundhole because of years of pick strokes… The hundreds of signatures left by other musicians all over the years… This is the story of this guitar that is related in the 11 minutes Rolling Stone documentary below.

You’ll know almost everything… How he acquired the guitar… How Trigger influenced Willie Nelson’s music and career… His fascination for Django Reinhardt… The story of the signatures on the guitar body… The many interventions of Trigger’s luthier/doctor Mark Erlewine (THE man behind Johnny Winter’s Erlewine Lazer and the Chiquita Travel Guitar of Marty McFly in the opening scene of Back to the Future).

This mini-documentary format about the relationship between a guitarist and his favorite guitare is awesome… and very inspiring. Enjoy

Further reading : Trigger in Texas Monthly

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