The Rhythm Ring: Shake your Hand.


I think this is the cheapest percussion/gadget ever, and a perfect little gift idea for the holidays to come: The Rhythm Ring ($ 4.95). The name speaks for itself… It’s a ring surmounted by a polycarbonate tube full of small beads… Thus it produces rhythm while you move your hand.

So, you can play it alone or while playing any other instrument requiring the hand to move i.e. while playing any other percussion, or while strumming your guitar, ukulele, etc… Wouldn’t it be great to replace your percussionist who doesn’t want to live with you full-time?

Here is a demo of the Rhythm Ring with a ukulele.


Don’t blame me for the bad thought here: Don’t you think they might also do sextoy version of this gadget? Same principle… Different localization!! Wouldn’t it be great to perc while having sex, no?

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