The Musical Contest

The Musical Contest

A quick note to tell you about a web site that I can only be happy that it exists. The Musical Contest was created by Ayman, who is a French guitarist I knew via a forum. Ayman is the high energy shredding kind of guy, and the goal of The Musical Contest is loud & clear: Promote instrumental guitar music and the artists of the genre.

He aims to organize monthly contests via Youtube in partnership with musicians who are releasing records. Those who are used to read guitar blogs won’t be surprised that he partenered with Laurie Monk’s blog Truth in Shredding another fellow blogger who loves shredding guitars.

Even if you are not a shredder (don’t be ashamed, I am not a shred kind of dude neither) I can only encourage you to check the contests there. Indeed it is a nice way to produce bits of music to share with the web, and it could also be useful to promote your own music or your band’s music.  Moreover you might win some prizes like albums of the musicians associated with the contests or even some guitar gear, and I know you love free stuff!

The Musical Contest the website & The Youtube channel.

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