The Tribute: Jimi Hendrix Tribute Guitar by Warrior Guitars

I’m always impressed with the overwhelming influence and presence of Jimi Hendrix in the modern guitar world. It is justified as the man wrote one the most heroic chapter of rock guitar history. No wonder why so many tributes around the world. Remember a few weeks ago about the Gibson/Authentic Hendrix Stratocaster fiasco (unfortunately)?

Well here is another, yet rather different kind of tribute to the Voodoo Child by Warrior Guitars, a Northern Georgia (US) based company dedicated to produce handmade guitars and basses. Rather than going for a beginner’s model like Gibson was about to, Warrior Guitars stick to their purpose: high quality handmade instruments.


So, this Jimi Hendrix Tribute Warrior guitar features:

  • Aged swamp ash body
  • 3 pieces maple neck
  • Birdseye maple or Rosewood fretboard
  • Reverse headstock
  • Locking tuners
  • Tremolo bridge
  • Hand-wound USA Tribute single coils pick-ups

Far from being just a replica, it is a real tribute model as if they were wondering what kind of instrument would Jimi play if he was still alive? Maybe such a modernized version of the Stratocaster, who knows? Anyway, it is available on pre-order, so if you’re a fan!! As for me, it’s not my turn yet, but I’m gonna let myself browse around the Warrior Guitars website because there are a lot of awesome guitars and basses there.

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  1. you should be ashamed of making a guitar that good saying its a jimi hendrix guitar even though its not even his signiture guitar you guys are idiots

  2. I have one. The company totally hosed me. Bridge mounted 2 far forward amongst many other issues. Trying to sell without losing my shirt. Love the tone but thats it. Its more of a country tone in reality.

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