The Guitar Is Just a Harmonica!

Here is something I like to do when I play guitar: try to sound like another instrument. And I have to admit it, I often fail!! But sometimes I get to have nice results. Recently, I achieved a configuration on my Tonelab that allows me to emulate the tone of an organ… I swear I did it!! At least if you close your eyes and push the Q-tip deep enough to hit your eardrum, you will swear you are listening to an organ! I’ll put some samples later… Promise!

Talented guitarists tried such experiences and achieved very interesting results. Sometimes they even developed a very unique distinctive tone as they were trying to emulate brass phrasing (Pat Metheny for example) or using techniques from the piano as some two handed tapping fellows did… Examples are virtually endless, and guitarists used several methods:

  • Transferring techniques from another instrument.
  • Phrasing adaptation.
  • Use of the technical possibilities of the guitar (violoning with the volume knob, tremolo techniques,…)
  • MIDI technology
  • Effects pedals.

People at Electro-Harmonix use this last solution to transform an electric guitar into a harmonica emulator… And I think it’s quite realistic though you can still hear some of the attacks on the strings.


The problem is that you’ll need at least 4 pedals to get this result: HOG, Micro Synthesizer, Wiggler and Holiest Grail… That will cost you a few bucks!!

Spotted on the Electro-Harmonix blog.

Notice that it is the first episode of the Effectology series dedicated to the Electro-Harmonix pedals of course. This is an interesting work that they’ve started at Electro-Harmonix to attempt to connect with their customers… I will talk to you about this soon enough!

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