The Gibson Jimi Hendrix Will Be a Stratocaster!!

I’m not into a cult dedicated to the most famous lefty from Seattle, but the  release of a Jimi Hendrix Signature model  by Gibson was rather a funny news (see the article: Unlikely Model? The Gibson Jimi Hendrix Signature). Finally, Gibson was going into some brand new stuff or was it just a marketing trick in order to  get their image associated to the legendary guitarist? I had no time to speculate about the future model as I got into this article on Music Radar revealing that this new guitar will be a Stratocaster by Gibson.jh-gibson-white-460-100-460-70

Well, a basic stratocaster… With a non-stratocaster” reversed head, maybe to respect the Jimi hendrix legacy?  As Doc Loco reminded me yesterday, this wouldn’t be the first time that Gibson would attempt to make a Stratocaster-like guitar (rather a superstrat actually) such as the U2 below.


This news revealed by Music Radar clearly indicates that Gibson just chose to make a simple copy of the Fender Stratocaster guitar. Marketing is king… So the marketing trick just won! For a minute or two, I even believed that it was just a joke from Music Radar as they use to publish some hilarious and quirky articles (which I do like very much about them), but that was before I read the article written by Peter on iheartguitar. Peter provided a copy of the press release, and there is no doubt left! This is not a joke! Gibson and Authentic Hendrix LLC are about to produce a Stratocaster that will be sold as Jimi Hendrix signature packages (including various items) ranging from $250 to $450. Considering the cheap price, let’s not be moody or angry. However, some might  regret the kind of sloppy or lazy approach of such a guitar! I think that they could have done much better at Gibson.  But in the other hand, I don’t how they could have made a legitimate non-Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix signature? I think that some people at Fender must be laughing out loud.

Anyway, this will be more expensive than a Melody Maker! Your honor is safe Jimi! Almost…

To be followed…

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