The Gibson Jimi Hendrix Will Be a Stratocaster!!

I’m not into a cult dedicated to the most famous lefty from Seattle, but the  release of a Jimi Hendrix Signature model  by Gibson was rather a funny news (see the article: Unlikely Model? The Gibson Jimi Hendrix Signature). Finally, Gibson was going into some brand new stuff or was it just a marketing trick in order to  get their image associated to the legendary guitarist? I had no time to speculate about the future model as I got into this article on Music Radar revealing that this new guitar will be a Stratocaster by Gibson.jh-gibson-white-460-100-460-70

Well, a basic stratocaster… With a non-stratocaster” reversed head, maybe to respect the Jimi hendrix legacy?  As Doc Loco reminded me yesterday, this wouldn’t be the first time that Gibson would attempt to make a Stratocaster-like guitar (rather a superstrat actually) such as the U2 below.


This news revealed by Music Radar clearly indicates that Gibson just chose to make a simple copy of the Fender Stratocaster guitar. Marketing is king… So the marketing trick just won! For a minute or two, I even believed that it was just a joke from Music Radar as they use to publish some hilarious and quirky articles (which I do like very much about them), but that was before I read the article written by Peter on iheartguitar. Peter provided a copy of the press release, and there is no doubt left! This is not a joke! Gibson and Authentic Hendrix LLC are about to produce a Stratocaster that will be sold as Jimi Hendrix signature packages (including various items) ranging from $250 to $450. Considering the cheap price, let’s not be moody or angry. However, some might  regret the kind of sloppy or lazy approach of such a guitar! I think that they could have done much better at Gibson.  But in the other hand, I don’t how they could have made a legitimate non-Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix signature? I think that some people at Fender must be laughing out loud.

Anyway, this will be more expensive than a Melody Maker! Your honor is safe Jimi! Almost…

To be followed…

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  1. This is quit ridicilious, btw is there a fender jimi hendrix signature guitar? peace!

  2. @Mjerta: Fender made many inspired by and tribute Hendrix Stratocasters during the last 30 years… They were mainly mid to high end instruments, not entry instruments like this authentic hendrix.

  3. On pourrait aussi souffler à Fender de faire un modèle Signature Slash de forme LP 🙂
    …Reste à savoir quel son elle a car finalement c’est peut-être ça le plus important.
    Et puis Nellio a raison, on pourra pas la toucher avant mi 2010

  4. @ JFAsset: Si tant est qu’elle soit en vente un jour… A priori Gibson comme Authentic Hendrix LLC ont totalement supprimé toute trace de ce futur instruement mort-né. Assez bizarre comme affaire! 🙂 A moins qu’ils soient en train de re-brander le bazar dans une de leurs labos marketing…

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