The “Casinocaster”: Double-Neck Manson Guitar for Matthew Bellamy (Muse)

Muse at Casino de Paris - May 25 2010 - Photo: Boule Matthew Bellamy, band leader and guitarist of Muse is one extravagant guitarist who likes flashy guitars. Either you look at the finishes he digs or the onboard equipment (kaoss pad, sustainer,…) of his favorite guitars made by Manson Guitars.

If is loud and flashy, Bellamy is happy to play it! So why not a new Manson guitar except this time it has a double-neck. Not that it is the first double neck axe he plays but this one has some interesting features. The “Casinocaster” name isn’t its official name but it is referring to the first live appearance of this guitar at a gig in Paris  at the Casino de Paris on May 25. I found this name on a forum, and I found it kinda cool so why not sticking with it for now.

This double-neck Manson guitar features:

  • Sustainer for both necks.
  • 2 P90 pickups for each neck. The set up seems rather unusual as the bridge pickup is ok but the middle pickup doesn’t seem to be quite in the middle.
  • Standard lower neck.
  • Fretless upper neck.
  • A bunch of controls as usual.

As my friend Lemg would say, it can look as it is just a show off guitar but I would add that maybe that’s the seducing part of Muse? I mean the grandiloquent and flashy aspects of the band are part of their success.  I am not the biggest fan of their music but from time to time I can stomp to the beat of a Muse song.

So why not talking about this guitar that has some very cool aspects. I especially like the conjunction of a standard neck, and a fretless neck. That being said, let’s watch an excerpt of the concert at the Casino de Paris, and see the guitar in action.


You can see more photos of the Muse concert at the Casino de Paris

Thanks to Lemg, racks effects and flashy guitars guru, for drawing my attention to this guitar in the comments of the post about The Destroyer.

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