The BadSeed Original Fretboard Angel : Eyes or Ears ?

For the last two months, the blog went a little slow… It needed a break. So it was a good time to read and observe our guitar blogging neighbors… For example, I’ve seen this interesting yet disturbing guitar test on French blog Guitar Wink : The BadSeed Original Fretboard Angel.

Instead of regular inlays, the BadSeed Fretboard Angel has colored dots that allows you to visualize the notes on the fretboard. Quite disturbing though I understand the “need” for a guitar that facilitates the learning process… The price itself is specially made for beginners. I even imagine that they’ve made this guitar because there is a market for such an instrument.

Actually, this is not the first attempt to make such a guitar… The “educational guitar” seems to be a Holy Grail for some…

However, I wonder if it is relevant to give priority to a visual learning method? Using the eyes before using the ears to learn how to play guitar?

See more at Bad Seed Guitars.

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