NAMM 2011 Trends: High-Wattage Amplifiers are Back!

2010 has been the low-wattage amps year. Even though some low wattage amplifiers are announced at the NAMM 2011, it seems like 2011 will be a high wattage tubes amplifiers year! At least that’s first trend I’ve spotted from the present NAMM show news.

However most of these amps are equipped with power attenuators that will allow you to have the tubes tone in every playing environment! I still think that everyone should get their earplugs ready ’cause 2011 is gonna make your ears bleed! Here is a selection of amps presented at the NAMM show…

Vox Night Train 50

After the 15 & 2 Watts versions, Vox is releasing a new Night Train amplifier:  Night Train 50 Watts! I admit… I really like the Night Train 50 tone in this video! More information.


Blackstar Amps Series One 50

Blackstar announced the new Series One 50 amp… 50 Watts all-tubes amp with the Dynamic Power Reductor to switch it from 50 to 5 Watts. More information.

Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic RA-100

Last year, the TA-15 was the star amp of the TransAtlantic fleet… This year that could be the Royal Atlantic 100 Watter! And it also has a power attenuator, the channel assignable power soaks, that can make it work from 3 to 100 Watts. More information.

Bugera TriRec

Here is a clone of the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier… Thanks to the Varipower Bugera power attenuator, the TriRec power goes from 1 to 100 Watts! More information.


Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature

The shredder from Sweden know has his own Marshall signature amp… The Marshall YJM100 features a Noise Gate, a Boost, and a Reverb. It also can be switched from 100 to 50 Watts. More information.

Digitech TH-150

And as we are looking for the bigger amp… Here is the 150 Watts all-tube Digitech TH-150! No modelled amps nor effects which surprising from Digitech. No power attenuator either which is just surprising as it is a 150 watter!!

Even the Digitech Fusion combo modelling amplifiers tend to be high wattage amps. There are 3 versions of the Fusion combo: 30, 75, and 150 Watts. More information.

I’ll update this post with videos when they will be released, and with new amps if some show up…

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