Green Trend: Solar-Powered Tuner by Tascam

In general as soon as I see such an object I can’t help but think that it is just some green washing trick from a big corp! Moreover I  actually don’t remember changing the battery of my tuner once since I bought the device many years ago! Yet the solar-powered tuner TC-1S by Tascam intrigued me because it is actually the very first ot its kind!

This is surprising because among the music accessories this is the most legitimate to be equipped with solar cells to charge the battery! Indeed a tuner is used from time to time, and it is rarely used for more than a couple of minutes! Even though you don’t change the battery of a tuner as often as the batteries of an effect pedal, I still think that if you count the number of tuners around the world then there might be some positive impact for the environment!

As most tuners it has a microphone, and an input for guitar and bass tuning. It has several display modes to suit you the best. Notice that it is also  possible to charge the battery via a USB input in case you’re in the dark. But this time I won’t be suspicious about this supposed green planet-friendly invention. No! I’ll just sit down, and wonder why nobody thought about this before Tascam did?

It will be available for 40$ which is a rather small price for environment-conscious musicians…

Source: Premier Guitar.

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