Tenacious D & Fret 12 Launch Guitarings

Funny… Lately I’m often thinking about the fun and not (too) serious side of guitar, and a few days ago I was wondering what was happening with the hilarious Kyle Gass & Jack Black’s band, Tenacious D.

And here it is… An email from Fret 12 announcing the launch of a new web series on Youtube featuring the guys from Tenacious D. Guitarings is the name of the series featuring KG (Kyle Gass) and Kones (John Konesky, Tenacious D guitarist).

The series will cover instructional videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a section named Word From The Couch (a steady stream of guitar consciousness). Now this should be funny, and maybe even instructive.

Right now there is no sign of Jack Black in the project but I’m pretty sure we will see him there once in a while. So… I think this is a show to be followed, and why not starting with checking the Guitarings.com website.

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