Submarine Pickup : Make One Guitar Sound Like Two !

Submarine-Pickup-Electric-GuitarLast month I mentionned the Submarine Pickup on Twitter. I thought it was a cool pickup that extends the possibilities of either an electric or an acoustic guitar.  The Submarine Pickup is designed to independently amplify either the two highest or lower guitar strings so that you can apply separate effects. The result is to make your guitar sound like two !

The Submarine project is already crowdfunded on Ulule but the campaign still runs for four days. So if you want to get your own Submarine Pickup, it is still time to support the Submarine Pickup on Ulule.

Here is a short demo of the Submarine Pickup played by its inventor, Peter Roe… You can find more on the Submarine Pickup website.

Making a guitar sounding like two… It looks like a trend ! A while ago we mentionned the similar yet very different A Little Thunder Pickup spotted on Kickstarter.

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