Strange Instrument #8: The Eigenharp – The Synthesizer of the Future?

Last week I’ve spotted a little buzz about a strange instrument just as I like them. This instrument is not available yet, but it seems to be a lot of fun, and maybe the most creative invention in musical instruments field for ages. Eigenlabs is about to release its Eigenharp.

Eigen what? Eigenharp! The Eigenharp is an electronic instrument that Eigenlabs is conceiving for 8 years now. It looks like a hybrid of a keyboard and a wind instrument that you carry like a Chapman stick (or a viola)!! I like that… And even more! Need to launch a fundraising program in order to allow the world to participate to my happiness!! No? Fine…

Brief presentation of the specifications of the Eigenharp Alpha:

  • 120 sensitive keys that triggers sampled sounds.
  • 12 percussion keys.
  • A breath pipe sensitive to blown and drawn breath.
  • 2 strip controllers to modulate the sounds (the breath pipe allows the same).
  • Onboard and loadable soundfonts.
  • Inputs for volume and sustain pedals.
  • Midi controller.
  • USB interface.
  • A lot more specs too long to be detailed, but you can check out the Eigenlabs website.


Here is a presentation of this futuristic synth:


And here is a demo jam on the James Bond theme:


Wonderfully weird instrument, isn’t it? It is scheduled to be released in December and will cost £3950 (gulps). Luckily they are also releasing an entry version for those who don’t have that load of money, the Eigenharp Pico that looks like a melodica and will cost £390 (that’s better).


Warning though, for now it is Mac users only as the software only works on Mac OS! And that is not fair!!

To know more about Eigenlabs and the Eigenharp:

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