Strange Instrument #7: A Brass Made of Glass – The Glass Trombone.

Though I’m a fan of Fred Wesley, I always thought that trombone is a weird instrument… But if this brass is made of glass, then it is one of the weirdest thing ever. I was watching some videos last week-end, when I got into the making-of video of a Glass Trombone. Here a new entry in my strange instruments overview.

Yep… A trombone made of glass!! I can only assume how skilled a man’s got to be to build such an instrument, and how it should be handled with care. Just check the video to make your mind.


Speaking of glass instruments, next time I’ll tell you ’bout the Glass Harmonica, which is not a harmonica, of course.

And what about leaving you with a nice Fred Wesley solo: short, intense and funky!


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